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Default ix plugins - duplicates (FIXED)

The "IX" plugins (or "IXix", or "ix", all names that are used as the author for these plugins sometimes) may have duplicates. Philip S. Considine (the "IX" himself) has a ReaPack repository located here: (add "raw/master/index.xml" to the end of that URL and that's the ReaPack repo link.)

Some of his plugins that are included in Reaper have newer/updated versions there (as an example, one of these updated/bugfixed plugins is "Midi_Variant"). Plus there are more new plugins.

The folder "ix" in the "effects" folder (of the Reaper resource folder) has all the effects by him that are included in the Reaper install. If using ReaPack to install his plugins, it installs those plugins to a new folder named "IX" (all caps, so now there are two folders named "ix" and "IX" respectively, with different versions of some of the plugins). Descriptions (the descriptor tag in the JS effects) for the old versions installed with Reaper and also the new/updated versions of the plugins via this repo are the same. This means both of each effect (old/new) show up with the same name/description, duplicated in the effects browser. So, it's a good idea to remove the old versions that install with Reaper (which means deleting the "ix" folder). However every time I install an update to Reaper, it reinstalls all those old "ix" plugins. Those duplicates keep coming back.

I can't think of what might be the best possible method to resolve this, but I figured I should at least point this out.
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