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Default My graphics knob looks ok on Retina.. not on normal screen (checked png sizes)

Hey guys,

I'm trying to change the volume knobs for the TCP and the MCP (Narrow) views. I have it working great on my Retina, and when I exported the assets to the respective root, 150 and 200 size folders, and refreshed on my normal screen mac, I get this:

Notice the weird sized transition from the right edge of the text to the volume knob:

whereas the Retina screen looks like this:

Any idea what I could be doing wrong. I've tried exporting larger and larger images... and it doesn't do anything until it reaches 48x50, then it jumps and becomes an ugly-over sized It's as if the rtconfig file has something to do with constraining until a certain size.

Any ideas?
Cheers... Andrew K
Reaper v6.15 Catalina Mac Mini 2020 6 core i7 64GB RAM OS: Catalina 4K monitor RME RayDAT card with Sync Card and extended Light Pipe.

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