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Originally Posted by ashcat_lt View Post
I'm sorry, I do normally try to answer questions before I get all philosophical because I do know how frustrating that is. I'm kind of over "gain staging" questions, though. If it's too hot, it'll distort more than you want. If it's not hot enough, it won't distort enough. If you can't hear the difference, then it probably doesn't matter. If you want to be sure it doesn't distort, you should maybe consider using something else that you know won't.

Even (maybe especially?) in real analog, this is the way it actually works. Gain staging is about getting your signal as far out of the noise floor as possible without unwanted distortion, but frankly distortion is half the fun, so...

Turn the knobs til it sounds good.
Excellent summation. I get you.

I was really asking if I am meant to use the bx_console channels in the same manner as the Britson/Satson channels. Each individual channel is levelled to -18dbfs or thereabouts, which when summed together create the harmonic saturation associated with an analogue console. The saturation/distortion of an individual channel should be felt more than heard.

Mostly, I'm concerned with getting the same levels to the mix buss as I'm accustomed.
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