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Originally Posted by Alistair S View Post
"MIDI media items always have timebase beats (position, length, rate). The timebase for individual MIDI media items can be locked to a specific tempo regardless of the project tempo, in the media item source properties"

If you check the action list, there are actions to ignore project tempo for selected midi items
Thank you for the reply. In the 'media properties' tab for a particular media item (a midi keyboard track) I've set the Timebase to 'Time'. When I then adjust the BPM (to help align the grid and marker to the tempo and help editing etc) all the MIDI tracks adjust to the new tempo. Whilst the non-MIDI tracks are unaffected.

Sorry if it's something very obvious that I'm missing - but is there still more that needs selecting after switching Project Properties to 'Time' and Item (track) Properties to 'Time'?

If I open a session and the default BPM is 120, play a keyboard piece (not to any particular click or anything) I then just want to be able to change the BPM so that the grid and markers match the beats/time signature.

I'm confused as to why this seemingly simple process seems to allude me(?).

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