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I've been doing something like this with the band I'm in over the last few months. I use VSTis with a MIDI keyboard, and guitar going through amp sims.

What works best for me is to have each instrument on a separate track, and arm the track for recording when you want to hear that instrument.

The advantages
- you can give each track a clear name
- You can pan and set volume on each track independently
- you can add effects to track independently
- you can arm more than one track to blend multiple instruments
- if you set the track preferences to "automatically record arm when track selected", all you have to do betweeen songs is reach over, click on the track you want next and you're good to go

When you say "via Zoom" - it's been my experience that the latency in Zoom makes it impossible to play music using only Zoom. Our band uses Jamulus, an open source program that lets you jam over the internet with reasonable latency, and we feed that audio into Zoom. People who join the zoom call can see us and hear the Jamulus audio, which is reasonably in sync.

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