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Default Fixed

Ok so I figured out why the Saffire 6 usb 2.0 was knocking out/over-riding the sound on my laptop (I'm a genius! )

It turns out I needed to download a driver after all, and I found one available here after some searching

[Pick Your Brand] > Focusrite
[Pick Your Product By Range] > Saffire 6 USB 2.0

Make sure to down load Windows: USB Driver 4.65.5 then install.

After some more thought I may have already had it because the real problem I believe was in my PC's "Open Sound Settings". Either way here's what happens.

(access Open Sound Settings by right clicking on speaker in taskbar or click gear icon)

When the Saffire 6 gets plugged in via usb two things happen in the laptop's Open Sound Settings:

1.the speaker/output gets automatically switched to the Saffire 6 rather than the Laptop speakers. I presume this is great if one is monitoring through the Saffire which I am not- hence no sound comes from the laptop.

2. the microphone also switches from the pc's internal mic to whatever mic is connected to the Saffire.

To switch these in Open Sound Settings > Output> Choose your output device >
choose Realtek(r) Audio for laptop speaker
Or Fucusrite USB Audio for the Saffire

Also likewise in Open Sound Settings > Input > Choose your input device >
choose Realtek(r) Audio for laptop's poopy mic
Or Fucusrite USB Audio for the mic(s) connected to the Saffire

If anyone still had a way to download the User Guide for 3.78 that'd still be a big help- Thanks again!
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