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Originally Posted by bigjoe View Post
That's where start the mess
Assuming you are doing -18dBfs = 0 VU = 0dBu (for reference) you must consider that Focusrite SC plugin has a PPM with his full scale set to +24dBu.

+24dBu is, in this specific plugin, the highest peak, so you can assume that is equal to 0dBfs.
This will tell us that 0dBu on that meter should be -24dBfs and the PPM which is tied to this scale is the SMPTE Digital PPM (which probably is what brainworx used).
Since on that scale 0dBu IS -24dB the best setting should be:

0VU = -18dBfs
0dBu = -24dBfs

That's two pretty standard values, but can really set the PPM to your liking unless your working in an hybrid setup (digital and analog) and voltages come into the equation.
All ITB here. I actually follow this reasoning for once.
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