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Originally Posted by ashcat_lt View Post
Lol. I donít use this kinda fancy bullshit to begin with.

Honestly, I donít much care about absolute levels until Iím mastering. At every step along the way before that, level is relative. Relative to the noise floor. Relative to whatever artificial limit the plugin imposes. Relative to other elements in the mix. Iíll peek at meters to rough things in or for sanity check, but Iím not usually worried about the actual number. Where I set whatever Iím setting depends on how it sounds when I do that. That is, I turn the knobs til it sounds good.
And so i do.
But it's not "BS" to read a meter, that's some big misconception.
Of course it's better to ignore numbers but not meters. They give you informations but you have to know how to read a meter in order to use the readings.

Absolute values are also REALLY important if you exit out of the box and you need to align analog hardware to a DAC or an ADC, but i know...most people just feels like everyone is doing the same things in the same way with the same tools this days.

So please, don't generalize like that.
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