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Thank you for your advice. I appreciate your time and trouble and I am happy to respond.

Originally Posted by dennisnv View Post
In my many years of experience as a technical writer (engineering manuals) I found that any feedback I got from users had the potential to improve my work
So, I can assure you do I, as many forum members can testify. I have in this thread and often elsewhere said that I welcome and actively encourage feedback from users, for the reasons you state. We have a much better product as a result of a considerable amount of such feedback over the years, from both experienced and inexperienced users.

Originally Posted by dennisnv View Post
in my experience, if someone reported a problem with one of my manuals, tactfully or not, it was certain that the problem extended to a larger group of others who weren't reporting on it for one reason or another.
In this case I formed the opinion that the OP was simply seeking to provoke a response rather than raising a genuine cconcern. I stand by that opinion, strengthened by the observation that the OP completely ignored several posts which were clearly intended to help her/him (I suspect "him"), preferring instead to maintain a continuing stream of invective. That would certainly explain why in 12 years, despite this being an absolutely essential topic that every single user will need to understand virtually from day 1, to the best of my knowledge no-one else has ever reported any issue even remotely similar. I seriously doubt therefore that the "larger group of others" you allude to actually exists.

That said, I would welcome any constructive suggestion you may have as to how the issue of naming tracks can be presented more clearly in the User Guide.
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