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You know, a single click is the default for opening/highlighting a text field to enter since forever. OP must have been just taken aback at yet another curious Reaper default. Let's be honest, Reaper has a few odd defaults!

Unless this is another one of those Mac vs Windows things? Is it more default in Windows to double-click to open/highlight text fields?

I try to save full out temper tantrums for more difficult situations but here we are.

You copy a plugin by just click-dragging it. Not option-dragging.
You move a plugin by command-dragging it. Not by just click-dragging it.
How about the default zoom/scroll mishmash?
etc etc

I remember stumbling across all this but nothing stands out as traumatic. I probably googled it and found either a page of the manual or a forum post.

The thing that still resonates and stands above any of that trivia is Reaper stability and getting work done. The controls could be labeled in Klingon and I'd just learn the weird symbols and move on.
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