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Default Midi controller help with Prominy V-Metal

Hi, I'm new to the forum here and am going crazy and need some of your expert help. I have the Reaper DAW installed and have been using it with no problems. Have used many VST's and learned alot.

But, I just got V-Metal a couple weeks ago (used with Kontakt), and need to change a parameter via my external keyboard. I have used the parameter learn function in Reaper before, and know the basics of it, but I am having a hard time with this.

In the manual, the V-Metal says that the parameter I want to adjust (in this case length of "gliss down") is controlled by midi cc#4. The keyboard I am using is an older Ensoniq TS12, which has worked fine for me, but doesn't have alot in the way of information on the midi side of it.

Using the learn function in Reaper, I have found that, for instance, the attack slider is CC#73. I am not sure what controller on my keyboard controls #4 (or if there is even one).

Sooooo, I would be perfectly happy using the attack slider on my Ensoniq to control the gliss down parameter in V-Metal, using Reaper to accomplish that.

I tried using reaper midi envelope controller set to #4, but couldn't get it to adjust the gliss down parameter. Please tell me. Am I an idiot here. I KNOW there has GOT to be a way to do this. Even a link to a FAQ or another post would be appreciated.
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john doe
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can you confirm that cc4 is actually controlling gliss down in kontakt? you can check this by looking at the kontakt browser in the auto section. there is a seperate host and midi automation section.
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Hello BDrums1971 and welcome to these forums. You'll find many helpful people here and a lot of useful information.

The easiest way to find out what MIDI CC messages your controller is sending is to put a MIDI Monitor FX on the track (insertpizhere does a good one, or schwa's MIDI Examine) and look at the messages as you twiddle the knobs.

I don't know that you can change the MIDI CC messages that the TS12 sends, so you might be able to change the mapping inside Kontakt (on the MIDI CC Automation page that john doe mentioned)
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Open V-Metal, on global controller page at the top click the little "options" dropdown in the corner, select "MIDI CC#" from the list, from there you can change the various controllers used by V-Metal, just doubleclick on the numbers and type in whatever controller you want.

Try setting "gls down mode" to to 1 and move your pitch wheel, change back to the main options page and you should see the "glis down" value change between "fast/mid/slow"

btw Here's a manual link for the TS12 if you don't have one:
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Thanks so much to all three of you. I knew it was a fairly simple answer! I did find that I can change the midi cc# in V-Metal via the midi cc option. And then I can link it with any midi controller that my Ensoniq has. You guys are the best!

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Lightbulb You might be interested .... Prominy V-Metal, Reaper, Instrument Keyswitching enhance

Prominy V-Metal, Reaper, Instrument Keyswitching enhanced
================================================== ========

One thing I could never do but always wanted to do was to make a particular instrument the default - eg: hammer on/trill or legato

Use a Key switch in Prominy to change to another instrument (power chord, trill, etc) - have this assigned to a foot pedal and then upon release of the pedal, return to the default instrument.

Found a way to do this, pretty easy too

Example: Set default voice to: hammer-on&pull-off / trill
Set Foot Pedal to trigger trill whole

So when I play without touching the foot pedal, it plays the hammer-on&pull-off / trill instrument and when I depress the foot pedal, it switches to the trill whole instrument - and then upon release of the foot pedal, it reverts back to the hammer-on&pull-off / trill - pretty handy for live playing - can ofcourse do this with whatever instruments with as many pedals or other controllers as one wishes to setup.

CC 31 is instrument select in Prominy and the value sent selects the instrument

select instrument via MIDI CC
1: single legato slide
2: hammer-on&pull-off / trill
3: no legato
4: repetition / picking tremolo
5: sampled picking tremolo
6: trill whole
7: trill half
8: minor 3rd-dyad
9: major 3rd-dyad
10: 4th-dyad
11: flat 5th-dyad
12: 5th-dyad
13: sharp 5th-dyad
14: 6th-dyad
15: octave
16: add9
17: sus4
18: power chord
19: other chord
20: maj 3rd vibratro
21: unison bend
22: double Bend
23: natural harm
24: FX1 - scrapes, slides, noises
25: FX2 - whammy bar FX
26: FX3 - whammy bar FX
27: FX4 - whammy bar FX

I assign a foot pedal on my keyboard to send CC 31 (or whatever value it is already sending if you wish to not change this at the keyboard level). Set the foot pedal control to Momentary

Reaper Track with Prominy
Add in the FX JS: MIDI/midi_CC_mapper to the track where Prominy is - it must be installed before the Prominy track in the FX chain for the track.

Configure the JS: MIDI/midi_CC_mapper
Set controller source ....
to be the CC value sent out by your foot pedal, in my example
I set this to CC 31 since I set it that way on my Midi Keyboard CC for my foot pedal. You can set this to the value which you already have set in your keyboard if you so wish.

Set the controller target ...
to CC 31 - (CC value for instrument select in Prominy)

Set the Clamp Low value ...
to the default instrument (in my example - 2: hammer-on&pull-off / trill)
When the foot pedal is released (after having been depressed) it will send
CC 31 value 2 and hence select that instrument

Set the Clamp High value ...
to the desired instrument you wish to temporarily switch to
(in my example - 6: trill Whole) When the foot pedal is depressed, CC 31 value 6 is sent and hence switches to 6: Trill Whole - When the foot pedal is released (after having been depressed) it will send the Clamp Low Value - CC 31 value 2 and hence revert back to 2: hammer-on&pull-off / trill.

Prominy Users out there - lemme know what you think

The technique above - along with many a midi converter tools available - can be used for many instruments to enhance live performance capabilities in terms of using controllers (especially foot pedals - like to use my hands for playing) to achieve desired results.

Looking for a good way to change the MIDI Xmit channels from my various keyboards using foot pedals - easier said than done - probably need to do a combo of macros/scripts which could be triggered by a controller to then send sysex back to device to change its MIDI XMIT - not certain though if this is possible.

Anyways - enjoy the above, hope you find it useful for live performance
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