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Originally Posted by Cerendrad View Post
Or should I be buying an hardware soundcard like the ones mentioned here and plug into it for editing on reaper.
The level of quality in an audio interface isn't tied to the connection format. eg. A pci card connecting interface isn't automatically better than a USB connecting interface.

PCI card, firewire, thunderbolt, & USB interfaces all come in OK/better/best quality. It's more about choosing the I/O you need, the level of quality of the analog stages (input preamps and AD/DA converters), and the bottom line latency of the hardware (if you are planning on live sound use).
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Default Creative Sound Blaster X-FI SB0460?


I have the CSB sound card listed in the title. My OS is Windows 7 running on a PC.

The connectivity on the card is:

> RCA 2-channel analog audio line in, mono phone jack with volume pot,
> MIDI in/out, Mic in, SPDIF in/out, optical (laser) in/out, headphone out, and aux in.

> I will be mixing down very simple demo tracks, vocals and acoustic
> guitar mostly, recorded on an Alesis ADAT XT at 44.1 KHz/16 bit with an AKG 414.
> They were recorded dry, so I'll need to sweeten the vocals. I also
> need to digitize and clean up some OLD archival cassettes. One spin is all you get!

My question: I can't tell if my card is covered in the list of working sound cards or not. Any opinions as to whether I'll be good to go, or have to buy new drivers?

This is my first post, so please forgive newbieness. And thanks for your help!

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Hi and welcome to the forums!

First off, based on what you wrote in your other thread, I would suggest that it is going to be more important to get a halfway decent audio interface rather than the consumer unit you have now.
It will sorta do what you want but a better interface will give you so much less hassle.

Plenty out there that will do ADAT (for your 8 track i/o) and since you really dont need to build a massive monster of a computer, you could easily wind up paying out for something with ADAT I/O and have plenty left over for a pretty good desktop, especially if you self-build.
Really not that difficult, honest!

I just found the Behringer UMC1820 which appears to have a generally good reputation for working at a very low price. BUT check around for other opinions before you leap in on it.
I have an old rme HDSP9652 pci card in my studio machine which has 3 ADAT I/O for a total of 24 in and out if I used them all! Cost me £200 used a few year back and is still updated regularly.{ Performance is excellent.
My laptop and my Mac Mini share a RME Babyface USB and ADAT interface which is also excellent.
Both a bit too pricey for you unless you get lucky on the used market like I did!
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Originally Posted by tibi.meszi View Post
Rednet works perfectly with Dante Virtual Soundcard, and Rednet Pcie card too...
That it does! Getting 2.6ms roundtrip latency with the RedNet PCIeR card without a hiccup!
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Default Roland Super UA perfect

Working Perfectly(44 to192khz rec / 352 khz pbk)good latency straight out of the box on win 10 pro 64 16gb ram rock solid so far only just got it.
OMfG Plug&PLay the grasshopper has landed it's about time bill .....installed asio driver and control panel without me doing anything it was just all there to use a 1st for me on anything windows.
Don't know why this didn't sell better, It seems to be a very good card, I think Roland did a good job on this it beats the hell out of my old focusrite 18i6 card which seemed to always have the odd click no matter what I did. The sound is much clearer than the focusrite so happy days so far hope it will last , me thinks it will.
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