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Default possilbe Altiverb bug/problem -- what should I try next?

I've been experiencing intermittent problems with the sound output in Reaper. I use VST instruments and effects and monitor the sound live, rather than sequencing or recording.

Right now I'm using Pianoteq and UVI Workstation as my VST instruments.

I just started using Altiverb today, and I'm experiencing moments in which the sound output just stops. If I go into the Reaper preferences and select a different output device, then select my original output device and hit OK, it works again.

I **think** but can't prove this is related to Altiverb. I tried disabling Altiverb and over the next 30 minutes no sound stoppages occurred.

I will probably have to do some more experiments to prove this, but can I get any advice about what to check? I'm using Reaper 5.40/64 bit on macOS.
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I have seen this while using Altiverb in SADiE, but never in Reaper. Then again, SADiE struggles with Altiverb generally (in common with many VSTs) and I don't use Altiverb in Reaper for live monitoring of VSTis as you're describing.

So I don't know if that helps at all (!) but the fact I have seen a similar problem, albeit in a different DAW and useage, may point to it indeed being an Altiverb issue.

Are you running the latest Altiverb? If not, update first and see if the issue persists. Also, fairly obviously, see if the problem is the same in the newest version of Reaper.


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