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Default Console 1 VST3 DAW Solo behavior

After the 5.5 update, Console 1 works beautifully in Reaper as a VST3, and it even has DAW control implemented which is fantastic!

I've run into a single issue in using it since then, and I'm honestly not sure whether this is a Softube issue, a Cockos issue, an issue where one of them just needs to decide to address it or what.

When using Solo on the Console 1 controller, it sends the solo command to Reaper rather than doing a solo in the plugin. However, it always triggers the Solo (ignore routing) behavior. I cannot find a way to do Solo In Place from this button.

I don't see an option in the Console 1 software to send a different command to Reaper (and honestly I'm not even sure how the software is communicating with Reaper), and I don't see an option in Reaper settings to change the behavior. There is the "Solos default to in-place solo (alt+click does a normal solo)" option in the preferences menu, but when soloing from the C1 controller that option appears to have no impact on behavior.

So... is there a way to do this that I'm not seeing? Is this something that is a bug and can be fixed? Or is this something I should ask Softube about?

Thank you all!
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