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Default Can't open Maschine as vst in reaper, please help!

So I've searched and searched, and I find a lot of tips on routing and functionality in regards to using maschine as a vsti in reaper...but nothing when it comes to not even being able to OPEN maschine as a plug in. I haven't even been lucky enought to get to the point where I'm having problems with sound or recording(lol), because maschine doesn't even show up in reapers vst list?. Every video or forum tip I can find begins by saying "insert maschine as a virtual instrument". It always just assumes u know how/are automatically able to do that. For me it's not the case.

Reaper recognizes my maschine hardware in midi devices and its enabled, and I've toyed with about every option/configuration in my computer that I think might help, and still nothing. The software won't show in my list for me to insert it as a virtual instrument. Neither wI'll Massive or Reaktor...only reapers included cockos plugs.
I just got my micro mk2 2 weeks ago and the software functions fine in standalone.
But I LOVE reapers work flow and if I can't use maschine as a plug in...I might as well sell it...because I'm not ditching reaper. I also dont want to create audio of my maschine projects and import into reaper because of tempo/timing issues in regards to it matching to the rest of the music produced in reaper.

ANY help is greatly appreciated. Ive thought about trying to move maschine files into the reaper plugins folder(like u would with most other Reaper plugs), but i know u are not supposed to move maschine fIles around or it won't be able to locate the correct pathways any more.

I'm at a loss????

I thank u for any help u might be able to offer.


Btw...I'm using Windows 8 and the most current version of maschine 2.0

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