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Default old crossfade bug seems to have returned


This new licecap is with v5.61.
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Default more info

After doing some investigating, it seems that the bug has not returned - it was never fixed in the first place! I've downloaded and tested a high percentage of releases from 4.7x to 5.6, and the bug is in them all.

I think what happened was this: I was working on a 15-song CD and (since as I said in the original thread, gluing the item solves the problem) I just glued all the items in all 15 projects, which would have been a tremendous faff.

I assumed that the bug had been fixed in the next build, but since I had done all the gluing I never checked if it actually had been. But I've just started working on an older project, on which I didn't do the gluing workaround, and this has revealed that the bug is still there.

Just one extra thing I tried, which may be useful info: copy & pasting media item to a new project doesn't fix the incorrect behaviour.
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lou latch
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That's odd behaviour, agreed.
I'd also really appreciate it if the devs had a second look at crossfade behaviour in some situations. Quite some time ago i posted this bug, where healing an audio item changes the next existing fade to default shape:

licecap: https://forum.cockos.com/attachment....0&d=1484864317
thread: https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=186661

To me it seems like these bugs could derive from the same problem?
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