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Default Tempo Tracking/SWS br move grid

I'm trying to figure out new and faster ways of creating a tempo map from live performances...

a helpful forum user put me on to the "br move grid" commands in SWS...

here's my steps...
1) tap a rough song tempo to get the grid lines to be somewhat close
2) use transient detection to find the first transient of the first full bar and put it on the first beat of a bar manually
3) drop a tempo marker at that first beat
4) use transient detection to find the next transient
4) use "move closest grid line to edit cursor", which does three things:
a) drops a stretch marker on the selected items, where the grid line currently exists
b) modifies the tempo of the previous tempo marker so that the next grid line lines up with the edit cursor
c) drops a new tempo marker where the edit cursor is

The problem is that the stretch marker ends up in a place that really is not useful... it should be in the same place as the grid line ends up, not where it starts...

am i missing something?
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