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Default Low latency + heavy VSTi + arming a track = noise


So this is another crackling noise thread, but I didn't come for a simple answer. I've actually spent all day to test this in 5 different setup, including Intel, AMD, M-Audio, RME, Windows and even macOS.


In video, I've added one "light" and one "heavy" VSTi each. RME HDSPe AIO + 64 buffer size = 2.9ms latency. Everything plays nice; no noise.

But as soon as I arm a track for recording, noise occurs on heavy VSTi.

Now, this isn't an isolated issue for Reaper; I've seen it happening in Ableton Live and Cubase. The way to fix it is to raise the latency to 12ms.

So this means that not all instruments would work with single buffer size. The problem is that we can only have a single buffer size per project. My real question is; is there way to setup different buffer size per VSTi? I would love to keep it under 3~4ms latency, but if I have to use couple of heavy VSTis, I don't wanna go to ASIO settings then change the buffer size just for those two heavy instruments, while 20 other light instruments are working fine.

So weird that everything works so well until I arm an track...
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