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Default Reaper - Wait for MIDI output device

Reaper freezes horribly here occasionally, after losing connection to USB MIDI device. See images in links below.


Suddenly, one popup appears "Reaper - wait for MIDI output device". Then another, and another..... after some minutes there are houndreds of popups, and Reaper is completely locked. Disconnecting MIDI device does nothing, powering down device also does nothing, Reaper is caught in eternal loop. No way to stop this, no way to close Reaper. The only solution is to restart PC.

Please, implement some timeout. Or if it cannot connect, give option to manually skip device. Or at least make it possible to exit Reaper and start it back again. As it is now is not the optimal way to deal with lost connection from device.
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Happened to me.
Not the multiple windows, but still. Reaper freezes with that stupid window and with no option to dismiss the message other than closing the program and losing progress (cant even save)
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