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Default (Linux): Insert the last file exported from a plugin

When running Windows plugins under Wine, we unfortunately lose the ability to drag and drop files from a plugin to Reaper - the obvious example is drum loops from EZDrummer, MT PowerDrumKit, etc.

The good news, however, is that many plugins DO still export that file to somewhere on your disk. If you know where they put it, you can navigate there and drag the file into Reaper from your file browser.

Or... you could just use this:

It automates the process by searching a given folder for the most recent file, can be expanded to work with additional plugins, and allows saving settings to a separate action in the Action List so you can bind them to a shortcut key, etc.


ReaPack. Wow, that was hard.

As with most of my other scripts, you'll need to have my GUI library installed as well. It's on ReaPack too - install the package, then find and run "Set Lokasenna_GUI v2 library path" in your action list.

How to find files exported from a plugin:

(These instructions are also available by clicking the [?] button in the script window)

Plugins will normally export files to a consistent location, often with the same, or a similar, filename. If you know the format of your plugin's exported filenames, you can enter the following in a terminal to find the export path:

find -name "<filename>"
Known formats:

EZDrummer 2: "Variation*.mid"
MT PowerDrumKit: "mtpdk.mid"

If you don't know the exported filename, export a file and then run (using MIDI as an example):

ls -alt ~/.wine/**/*.mid | head
The most recent file should have the path you want.
(Be careful of doing this if it's going to end up scanning your whole MIDI library or something)

Please let me know the formats for any additional plugins and I'll add them to the list.

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Looks awesome. Gonna try it today. Donation is on it's way also.

Thank you
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