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Default Toolbar arming: suppress or desensitize left-drag mouse modifier if toolbar is armed

The recent v5.95 featured some very welcome improvements in toolbar arming:
+ Notation: support armed toolbar buttons
+ Toolbars: better arming indicators across multiple toolbars
+ MIDI editor: support armed toolbar commands in CC lanes, lane resizers
+ MIDI editor: avoid deselecting notes on click when toolbar armed
One remaining problem is that the default left-drag mouse modifier is too easily activated when left-clicking to run the armed function. If the mouse is even slightly moved while clicking, the left-drag mouse modifier is activated instead of the armed action.

This happens particularly often when using armed functions that track mouse movement, such as the various SWS actions that "perform until shortcut released" (for example, "Move closest measure grid line to mouse cursor (perform until shortcut released)") and scripts for MIDI editing (for example, "Tilt selected CCs or velocities to mouse position"). To run these armed actions, the user needs to carefully click, pause a second, and only then move the mouse.
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