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Default (6.01/x64) Theme Adjuster can't be displayed properly with OS scaled to 175%

System spec:
-Windows 10 x64 at 175% scaling
-1920 x 1080 resolution
-Reaper 6.01 x64 with HiDPI mode set to multimonitor aware (recommended)

I run my Reaper 6.01 with my Windows 10 scaled to 175% in a resolution of 1920 x 1080. When I open Theme Adjuster, the size of GUI is so huge that some elements on the top and the bottom can't be displayed. It's the same no matter which HiDPI mode is selected. Although I took the screenshot with 6.0, it's still the same with 6.01.

Here's the pic:


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Similar problems (not as much as OP) are here.
It is in Windows 7 Pro 32-bit, notebook with screen resolution 1366x768 px (no zoom scaling here = 100%). The theme adjuster is just much taller than it could/should be, it fills the whole display from top to bottom, but it is still no apparent if there is anything else at bottom or not. Contrary there is a lot of space inside that window so it can be avoided for sure.
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Default Any solution?

same problem here, the adjuster is unusable for me.
Win10; Resolution 1920*1080; scaling 150%...

If i reduce the scaling to 125 or 100% i`m able to see all elements
but unfortunately can`t read anything...soo small:-(

Is there a solution for that?

Thanks in advance

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