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Default Default v6 theme adjuster "Tint" slider: MIDI color map and toolbar buttons

The "Tint" slider in the Default v6 theme adjuster is something I have long wished for: an easy way to change the overall color scheme of the theme (similar to what Studio One has).

I have unfortunately encountered two problems:

* DON'T affect MIDI color map: My MIDI color map has been fine-tuned, so I do not want its colors affected in any way. Is there a way to edit the theme adjuster script to skip the MIDI color map?

* DO affect toolbar buttons: The Tint slider changes the colors of toolbar buttons that are already active and highlighted, but as soon as they are deactivated and then re-activated again, they return to the default greenish hue. Is there a way for toolbar buttons to keep their tinted color?
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The script merely points at new Reaper functionality for the new color controls stuff, so any changes would be big boys time rather than anything I can action myself. Your first question is something it just doesn't do, I'm afraid. Your second question is a bug, which I have reported, thanks!
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