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Default v6.27 - April 11 2021

v6.27 - April 11 2021: Do not trust people. They are capable of greatness.

+ Dither: fix half-bit DC offset [p=2425940]
+ FX: add option to not add undo points when closing FX windows [t=250733]
+ FX: improve pin connector window
+ FX: fix persistence of take FX processing channel count when processing only 2 channels on a track with more than 2 channels
+ JSFX: add Channel Mapper-Downmixer plugin
+ JSFX: add option in pin connector dialog I/O menu to pass through or zero out unused output channels
+ JSFX: support drawing vertical text via gfx_setfont flag 'z' (does not work with system/bitmapped font)
+ JSFX: allow Webdings/Wingdings for gfx_setfont() use on Windows [Twitter]
+ macOS: add prefs/general/advanced option for window fullscreen button to activate fullscreen rather than OS fullscreen
+ macOS: add prefs/general/advanced options for rounded buttons and big sur listview margins
+ macOS: disable macOS 10.12+ Window tabbing menu items
+ Media item channel mapper: control/command-click a mapping to set exclusively for that channel
+ Media items: add action to set channel mapping for selected media items
+ MIDI: output multiple note-offs for the same channel/pitch if there are multiple sequential note-ons
+ Project time offset: preserve maximum resolution when setting project time offset to edit cursor position [p=2428360]
+ ReaScript: support drawing vertical text via gfx_setfont flag 'z' (does not work with system/bitmapped font)
+ ReaScript: allow Webdings/Wingdings for gfx_setfont() use on Windows [Twitter]
+ ReaScript: correct documentation for Set/GetMasterTrackVisibility
+ ReaTune: fix potential crash with certain parameter settings and UI open [t=251553]
+ Render: resolve $samplerate wildcard correctly when mixing at one sample rate but rendering to another [t=249713]
+ TCP FX List: fix multi-column scroll extent issue [t=245850]
+ Timeline: truncate seconds and samples display rather than rounding, for consistency with H:M:S and H:M:S:F display
+ Timeline: when displaying minutes:seconds and a project start offset exists, center ruler major tick marks on project time zero rather than the start of the timeline
+ Track manager: display track channel count
+ VST: add I/O menu item in FX pin connector dialog to increase host channel count to match plugin
+ VST: add option in pin connector dialog I/O menu to pass through or zero out unused output channels
+ VST: cache VST3 parameter/bus/latency information for improved performance with yabridge and plug-ins
+ VST: improve behavior when VST3 plug-ins call restartComponent(kReloadComponent)
+ VST: more flexible support for passing MIDI program change messages to VST3 [t=251104]

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Default Please just one messege for attention

- Can Reaper get fix for peaks displays. Idk is it sure peaks bug but if i trying synchronize video file (aac audio) with for example flac track - visually i do but after render it not. For now need doing 2 renders and than all ok. 2 times synchronize. Hi res peaks on by default.

- Small bug with Navigator. If "Limit project length..." marked - Navigator not works properly. Good if add to Navigator snapping flags: snap to grid, snap to item... or free hand draw if all unchecked.

- Preference > Editing Behavior > Horizontal zoom resets sometimes to default. From "Mouse cursor" to "Edit cursor or play cursor..". Possible reason sure can be using custom user scripts.

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Default Small quirk with the new downmixer JS


I'm using the new downmixer JS and when I try to rename its FX instance in the mixer it still shows "chanmap".

It shows the new name only when offlined, and when back to active it again shows "chanmap"...

Is that expected?

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Originally Posted by mabian View Post
I'm using the new downmixer JS and when I try to rename its FX instance in the mixer it still shows "chanmap".
Fixing, thanks for the report.
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When tcp.trackidx covers entire TCP all other elements can be put in front of trackidx except tcp.sendlist.
Is this suppose to happend, or am I doing something wrong?

Also, can tcp.sendlist be in more than one column?
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When I installed 6.27 on a new machine today, the only theme that was included was the Default 1.0! I tried twice and got the same result so after that I downloaded 6.26 just to see if it was a problem with my machine or the installer and when installing 6.26 the Default 6 theme was included. After that I could just update to 6.27 and still have the Default 6 theme. Just thought I would mention this if anyone else gets this problem!
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Default Issues

I'm experiencing pretty major issues for the first time since upgrading to 6.27.
My current project is now failing to complete loading, getting stuck on the blue waiting circle (Windows 10) after loading the plugins/midi, but not showing any error message. It's just hanging. I also noticed odd behaviour with one of my plugins for the first time (Objeq Delay). It loads, but just shows a grey box rather than the usual GUI. If I select UI, I can see the parameters, but it's never happened before. It appears that 6.27 has broken something (maybe related to plugins). I predominantly use vst3's.
I hope you can investigate and resolve, as my usual solid Reaper experience has suddenly become very flaky.
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