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Default API/JS/LUA access to Walter items, especially fonts!

This FR is taken from a lua/scripting discussion.

Make Walter font size accessible to lua or any other scripting within Reaper, to change items on-the-fly, especially fonts.

Themes in Reaper are awesome! However, the font sizing is only in power of their creators, which leads to problems! There are great themes out there, many designed for 720p/1080p/1440p/4K/Retina/whatever - but it comes to problems of readability in some circumstances, no theme creator can take care about every single issue here!

I'm old and can't see as good as I was 20. I'm using 1080p on 40" which is good, but on every (!) theme the font size could be larger.

I _can_ change the font size via Actions -> Theme development

But its a lot of clickin' around and not handy for moles like me, and it's time consuming to fiddle around either with theme dev tweaker, or even with rtconfig when tweaker is not enough to fulfil my needs.

This is crazy... you can change almost everything within Reaper, even with scripting, BUT the font size.

I'd like to have a "increase/decrease font size" button, if necessary for each Walter font so far (as seen on screenshot above).
Or even for each Walter theme part like
  • mcp.label.font
  • master.mcp.fxlist.font
  • master.tcp.fxparm.font
  • ...you got the idea

For me, this would be helpful, making Reaper more accessible.

This request is a bit different to this existing one, but when fulfilled both, Reaper becomes more accessible (readable):
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Human being with feelings
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I'd love this in the theme adjuster.

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Yes please. Definite +1 from me :-)
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I need the dB font in the mixer to be larger.
Please, Reaper geniuses, make it happen!
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