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Default v6.50 - March 3 2022

v6.50 - March 3 2022

  • + API: allow accelerators to hook keyboard for more windows including mixer, navigator, etc [t=263487]
  • + Batch converter: support converting multiple files in parallel, utilizing multiple CPUs
  • + Batch converter: improve responsiveness and RAM usage when converting a large file list
  • + Batch converter: display the number of files and directories in the file list
  • + Batch converter: display progress bar if conversion takes more than a short time
  • + Batch converter: add when adding directory to file list, prompt to include subdirectories as well
  • + Batch converter: add option to use source subdirectory structure to create output directories
  • + Batch converter: add option to overwrite original files
  • + Batch converter: add option to suppress notification when finished
  • + Batch converter: add "save settings" button (does not save file list)
  • + Batch converter: reorganize controls to separate settings that are not included in presets
  • + Batch converter: include dither, noise shaping settings with presets
  • + Batch converter: add preset menu item to clear all converter settings
  • + Batch converter: add context menu actions to fit file list columns to screen, open input or output path, display input media properties
  • + Batch converter: after canceled conversion, convert and remove buttons offer to affect only converted/not-yet-converted files, or all files
  • + Batch converter: change default output file pattern to "$source-converted"
  • + Batch converter: delete incomplete output file on user cancel
  • + Batch converter: don't embed project-specific metadata
  • + Batch converter: preserve very long metadata correctly
  • + Batch converter: support $track, $tracknumber, $itemnumber wildcards, which will resolve to the project state at the time the media item was added to the file list [t=262781]
  • + Batch converter: update $samplerate wildcard correctly when changing sample rate
  • + Batch converter: allow FX to change processing channel count via pin connector dialog or JSFX channel mapper/downmixer
  • + Batch converter: fix lost FX tail setting when closing/reopening dialog
  • + Defaults: set default master track pan mode to stereo balance for new projects
  • + Defaults: save/load master track pan law, pan mode with default project settings
  • + FX: allow JSFX channel mapper/downmixer to change monitoring FX processing channel count
  • + FX: improve behavior of FX drag/drop and TrackFX_CopyToTrack() etc when copying FX to a later slot on the same chain [t=263461]
  • + FX: fix incorrect project save/load of parameter modulation and linking when applied to ReaPlugs (6.48 regression)
  • + Media: improve zoomed-in peaks performance, especially on compressed media
  • + Media: improve performance when using large block sizes and small media buffer settings
  • + Media explorer: fix peaks display build restarting when seeking with output routed to a track [p=2532186]
  • + Media explorer: improve seek behavior when autoplay, start-on-bar, and tempo matching are all enabled
  • + Media explorer: refresh display correctly after completing search [t=245536]
  • + MIDI: do not remove duplicate note on/off events on import [p=2527130]
  • + MIDI: send note-off for active notes when seeking [t=260429]
  • + MIDI: fix incorrect event duplication when exploding certain MIDI content by channel [t=261174]
  • + MIDI: improve tick-to-sample rounding
  • + Mouse modifiers: display and group media item lower half actions similarly to media item actions in preferences dropdown
  • + ReaScript/JSFX: fix displaying strings containing multiple newlines in a row [t=263537]
  • + Render: ensure peaks display is fully updated for each rendered region
  • + Render: fix enabling/disabling render loudness statistics from completed render dialog
  • + Undo: ensure undo point is created after running action to remove content behind items [t=263577]
  • + VST: report channel index namespace context to plugins [t=263201]
  • + VST: fix some misbehaving UI sizing plugins [p=2531463]
This thread is for pre-release features discussion. Use the Feature Requests forum for other requests.

Changelog - Pre-Releases

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Default Batch Converter Presets

Ooh, are batch converter presets going to be accessible from the command line batch converter?

> reaper.exe -batchconvert
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Default Batch Converter: "Scan subdirectories as well?"

When dragging multiple folders to the Batch Converter Window, a "Scan subdirectories as well?"-dialog pops up for every single folder. If you have a lot of folders you find yourself in a loop clicking the Yes/No Button x times.
I think this could be improved, e.g. by providing a simple "Apply to all" checkbox in the dialog or something similar.
Thank you for the Batch Converter enhancements, the speed improvement of the conversion is significant!
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