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Default LA2A Behavior for Reacomp


Just a little experience.

I Tried to replicate the behavior of the Famous LA2A comp with Reacomp

I set up reacomp and made a JS just for control it (3 faders)

JS don't make anything except controlling Reacomp parameters with link parameter modulation

I'm pretty Happy with the result.

Check by yourself:

- Open Reaper and use action "show REAPER resource path in explorer"

- Download and unzip that file in the "Effects" folder -> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/30049114/Reacomp%20Control.zip

- Download and drop that Fx Chain in the FXChains folder -> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/30049114/Ren...acomp.RfxChain

- Restart Reaper, and use the add FX chain fonction to load "Reno-LA2A control over Reacomp"

Important note:

- Except for lookin' at the Gain reduction meter, you don't need to open Reacomp, everything is controlled by the JS (or modulation)

- It is calibrating to be fully fonctional @ 0dbVU= -18dbfs for traditional signal and @ -9dbfs peak for percussive stuff

For calibrating traditional audio :

You can use d.bop awesome free plug-in before the FX chain(http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=81128)

Set 0VU @ -18 and trim gain until 0Db

For calibrating percussive audio :

Trim item with fader @ unity until your Track meter display -9

and that's all
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Cool. Will give it a try when I get some downtime in the studio.
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I just installed this, and preliminary tests are positive. I thought it deserved a bump!
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Another bump! Sounds really good, Reno! Just used it on a beatle-ish drum bus

I had to lower the "wet" output of ReaComp though.
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