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Hi ...

here's one of songs I'm working on ...
don't know if it's stoner-rock or grunge .

I would like someone to record live / acoustic drums to it(:
I am drummer myself, but I'd like to have more of a group / band-feel, by letting someone else taking the drum-duties (actually if anyone's interested in any way ... be it other instruments, arranging, mixing or mastering you're WELCOME !!! .) .

I think the mix so far covers all the parts the song consists of .

So if someone just records three "decent" takes to the backing track .

... and then please send me the stems of the multitrack drum recording .

there's two of mixes here ; one with demo drums (for getting the idea) and another one without drums at all (though a maracas-pattern is playing there in the bottom) .

BPM : 100
Meter : 4/4
Key : A-Minor

here are the links for those two files ;



- zergei W -

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