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Default >Jesus(onic)/(grim) REAPER/Live(s) pun<

For me now, I'm just aching to get more live performance features - seamless looping, dead easy record/loop features, etc. I'm just wondering what other people want/expect from this, and if there's much demand. I've tried using Reaper live before, but came a little unstuck due to easy CPU overloading, difficulty adding instruments on the fly without stuttering etc. It's obviously not designed for that yet. Which is no bad thing, as it's been blistering up until now anyway, but you know.

Ableton Live is obviously great. But it sucks at being a sequencer as far as I can tell. Jesusonic already went one stage towards liveness, so it's obviously a factor. Reaper + Jesusonic + hm.. trying to think of a punny name to do with the reaper, Jesus and 'live' that won't offend... nah. But my point is: what are YOU looking for, in terms of live features? Personally, I don't know what's standard, what's not been thought of, what's thought of as impossible etc. It would be interesting.

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