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Default "C" won't open Reaconsole

v2.1.0 SWS extension installed in 4.02 under W7 32-bit.

C doesn't open Reaconsole. I can open the console from the Extensions menu. If I try Find shortcut... in the Actions dialogue and type C it says it can't find it. But if I scroll down to SWS: Open console it is mapped to C.

Shift+C inserts time signature marker.

So, I deleted the C mapping to open the console and then added it again. Then it worked.

Can anyone duplicate?
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I had this happen recently when I keybound a capitol "C" instead of a lower-case "c".

REAPER's Action list displays keybindings all in caps so you need to delete the binding and re-apply it (with caps off) to be absolutely sure it is bound to "c" and not "C".
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