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Default kinda stupid question about Themes remembering track colors and meter styles

Is there a setting somewhere in Reaper where, when you load a theme, it loads the special meters AND track colors associated with it? Sometimes when I load certain themes, the meters stay the same from the last one, and more importantly, I need to set the track colors to default... as in, highlight all tracks, right-click and set tracks to default colors every time I change the theme.

I thought there was a setting somewhere in Reaper for this but I can't remember exactly what it was called or where it was.

For example... I have my default project template with basic pastel colors for the tracks. Sometimes I like to use Apollo or the API theme (Apollo has every track be light blue or golden, while highlighted) and I think Apollo's default track colors are golden (as the screenshots indicate).

Thanks so much! I feel like an idiot, not being able to find this setting (plus, I just woke up from a nap), haha.

edit: nah, the meter styles are remembered.... but it's the default track color thing that is puzzling me. Anyone? 14 views and no replies...

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