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Default MIDI notes stopped generating events on some tracks only

Hi, I have a super weird problem, but I don't know if it's a bug or some hidden switch or option.

I recorded a couple of MIDI tracks with my Alesis Forge Drumkit. I could play them back to the Alesis Forge and all was OK.
But I don't know what I did, but one track after another stopped generating MIDI events when playing back.

The funny thing is that I can click on the piano roll in the MIDI editor and it emits a MIDI event like you would expect.
But when entering a note in the editor, the note preview emits a MIDI event, but when playing back it doesn't.

When I create a new track and I copy + paste the MIDI item to it, it does not work, the MIDI notes just won't generate events.

When I create a new track and a new MIDI item, I can enter notes and they play back normally, so the issue is somewhere in the affected MIDI item itself, not in the track settings.

It is super weird, I don't know what I have done to stop MIDI to be generated for those items, and I've checked everything I know of:

- tracks are not muted, nothing is solo
- the routing is fine, I can click on piano roll keys and it sounds OK, note preview sounds OK too
- note velocities are good
- the item itself is not muted
- the item volume is up and ok
- no automation is active
- the notes are set to the correct MIDI channel

Could you think of anything else I could check?

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