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Default SetScreensetChunk() function

Would allow having more that 10 screen sets available
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Screensets aren't stored in the project so there's no thing like a screenstatechunk. They are rather stored in the reaper.ini.

So you would need a way to get and set the screenset/window set-attributes for each screen/window set so they are set correctly.
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Screen sets specifically are stored separately in reaper-screensets.ini so i assume they work similarly to reaper.ini settings and so pose the same challenge of impossibility to be applied at runtime via API.

SWS functions reaper.SNM_Get/SetIntConfigVar() allow changing settings inside REAPER at runtime and if those are also changed in the reaper.ini they, i believe, get to be stored there and recalled on the next startup.

Similarly if the suggested function existed the screen set chunks could be applied to project with a script and concurrently written into the reaper-screensets.ini by other means.

The extended screen sets would be stored in another file, loaded therefrom and applied with the suggested function.
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