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This script is amazing - Thank you! Better in some ways than others that can't handle JSFX, and still fully compatible with automation of all parameters.

One small thing that would be a great improvement is more easily reordering devices. The current Cut/Paste functionality doesn't preserve some things like parameter links. Also not very easy to move a whole chain down to make room for a new device at the beginning. The current thing I do to get around it is to manually rename the devices with appropriate prefixes to match the device position in the chain, e.g. "(pre:3)".

Would also be nice to more easily import existing FXChains, but that's maybe more of a nice-to-have.

EDIT: I realize now this is supposed to have drag-and-drop functionality, but did not work for me which is why I was asking. Either drag-and-drop is broken in Reaper v6, or am I just losing my mind.

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So I saw this thread:
and a thought occurred to me.

Since there are apparently several ways to rename FX instances via a script, would it be possible for a skilled scripter here to jury-rig a way to use FXRack on an existing effect chain?

FXRack seems to recognize a compatible track if it has:
- The correct pre/post jsfx as the first and last plugins in the chain.
- All the plugins in-between have appropriate prefixes

I've done it by renaming things by hand before, and it seems to be okay.

It seems like a "Prepare for FXRack" script could be put together, I just don't have the knowledge to do it myself.

I'd say rename the existing FX chain to be in the "Pre" slots, and if there are more than 8, start assigning them to the first multiband lane.
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Default THANK YOU grandfougue!

THANK YOU grandfougue!

I was also getting the error that occurs in Reaper 6, FXChain.lua:254: attempt to index a nil value (local 'fx_chain'), and this fixed it immediately.

Originally Posted by grandfougue View Post
To resolve problem with FXRack while waiting for an update
In the fxchain module, the fx chunk search pattern is registered.
At the end, the word WAK %d\n
Need to change to WAK %d %d\n

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