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Default Film composers: can we get by using only the midi editor-no arrange view-?

Reason why i am asking on this forum is because, if this is doable, i guess it will involve a lot of custom scripts, custom actions, etc.

Also i realized this is a question not just for film composers but also for people with big templates, ready to just record midi notes and with minimum mix tweaks.

So, lets say that you have your orchestral template ready: now you only need to input midi notes on the seuqences (lets imagine no audio items are used and you stay always inisde the MIDI realm).

Coming from Cubase, i was at first shocked to see the Track list there at the right of the MIDI Editor and i thought "thats very windows95, as usual with Reaper"
Then i went to "wait, thats actually great! i can move between parts without going ever back to the arrange view!".
Then after some time learning Reaper (and some lua) i realized some of the actions needed to get this thing working were not doable since Reascript is missing some stuff to be exposed, as mentioned in this Juliansander post : https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=168563

So right now it looks more like a no than a yes, but then its also true that you can combine main actions with MIDI editor actions without leaving the MIDI Editor using scripts. So maybe there´s an option there although, at least at first glance, looks quite complicated.

Before i start scratching my head too much about it i thought i´d ask here..see if some of you clever dudes/dudettes are working this way or can point into the right direction, if there´s any. I think working on the MIDI Editor only would save alot of space on the screen and would also considerably reduce the number of clicks/double clicks when switching between sequences.

Thank y´all!
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I didn't understood what you are looking for exactly, but give a checkout in Contents> Media Item lane. May help you. .

Also I compose in big templates I don't think I would like having only MIDI open, recommend if the problem is space more monitors, I have 3 here ( one in vertical for sibelius scores and mixer )
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I think it would boil down to the actual usecases who are nightmarish right now.
Could you put together some level of licecaps of situations, where you would want to have faster workings?

Best is to open a notepad and type

"The next steps are cool!"
Then do these steps and then write,

"ok, the next steps, I would want to avoid" and do the next steps and so on.

Do one LiceCap for every such usecase so we can see, what you have in your mind in practice.

And then, the magic of the Reapercommunity will try the rest
Use you/she/her, when contacting me, please. Thanks :) Not mentoring via PMs, sorry.
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Thanks for the replies! I havent started working this way, just wanted to leave it here first, just in case there was someone who already tried this approach.

I´ll give it a try on my next composition, see how far i can go without problems and then post here just in case somebody is interested as well.

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