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Default EZ Drummer 2 not playing sound

Hello all,

First time post here. First week of using Reaper. So I laid down some drum tracks in EZ Drummer 2 and they were working great last night. Saved the session. Opened it up today and no sound from MIDI. Didnt change anything before closing the DAW. I have another project basically the same project but different drum takes. EZ Drummer works fine. Open up the project I want to work with, no sound on drums. Im getting the MIDI signals and EZ drummer is playing but no sound comes out from the kit. I am getting my other guitars coming out just fine. Just no midi drums.

Anyone have any experience with this?
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Hello encryptor and welcome to these forums. You'll find many helpful people here and a lot of useful information. Make sure that you:
Let's start with:
-- check the MIDI channel of the notes (does EZDrummer expect them to be on channel 10?)
-- does any audio show on EZdrummer's meters (if it has any)?
-- does any audio show on the track's meters?
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Fixed the problem on my own. Come to find out, some how my master track for the EZ drums were only set to send and not Master/Send. Dont know how that happened.
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