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Default Record Snapshot Automation for Video

Hi All,

I’m new to Reaper… I’m a longtime Pro Tools user.
I’m always impressed with what this program can do.

My Question: I have 3 video tracks that I would like to cut between to render/bounce.
There is an audio track as the 4th track, but is not part of the edits, it is static.

I have it setup to have the top video-track take priority. I was able to do the cuts with mute automation. It worked last week, but now two of the video angles are not being shown.
... I'm curious what button I might of hit?

I setup mute snapshots.. now “in a single stroke” I can "cut to" vid 1, 2 or 3. I would like to be able to write that into automation. I went I arm mute automation, and two of the video tracks are black and only one shows. If I go to "global automation bypass" I see all 3 angles and it works flawlessly.

I also tried the use the marker to recall the snapshot, which is kinda cool, but the picture freezes in the bounced file.

Any suggestions for being able to store snapshot recalls in automation?

Thanks, Brad
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Default Video Mutes


I see I can record the mute automation from the snapshots. When I playback in "Read" I can see the mute automation working, but the video never changes... (I have it set to follow edits.) On the other hand, the video window will change with the snapshots in automation bypass mode, if I recall the snapshots manually. Basically, once the automation is active, the video is static.

Any thoughts, Thanks
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SWS Snapshots and action markers do not work when rendering.

this might be a pain but you might be better off putting the 3 videos into one item as takes. Sync and trim starts and ends to same start time. cut video 2 and paste as new take into video 1. repeat for video 3.

This is not always idea when you want different color adjustments or reframing for each video, but it works great otherwise.

OR split and delete the section of the videos you do not want to see, so there's never more than 1 layer playing at once.

OR split and use item mute to disable the video angles you don't want to see.
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Thanks for the insight/options, I'll see what works best for me.

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