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Default Antares Mic Mod EFX (32) not found in REAPER 5 x64

So ...

I've got this legacy 32bit plugin from Antares, that I'm trying to get working in REAPER V5.40 x64 in Windows 10 x64 ?

Somehow the plugin does not show up in Reaper though I've done full rescan (cleared the plugin cache) and the location of the *.dll is in the VST Plugins-path ?

Is it c'os it's 32bit and Reaper is 64bit ?

- Toni -
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No, it isnt.
I have the same legacy stuff and I also have the current version of autotune 8 on my studio machine.
I volunteered to do beta testing for them after my disasterous problems with reaper, Sonar AND Studio On Pro and AVOX4 which is the current incarnation that contains Mic Mod EFX.
There are still issues with AVOX and most of the programs contained within it, but Antares ARE working on it.
I rather suspect that this is at least in part what is causing your mystery disappearing plug.
Where have you got the program installed - did you put all the other files that come with it in the same location?

Just checked on my laptop amd I have the whole avox including MicModEfx installed in Program files\common files\vst2 and also have a separate Antares folder in the program filesd directory eith the rest of the necessary stuff.
Just a thought: is your iLOk corrdectly installed and running under iLok Manager?
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