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Default Ran into an issue : Reaper do not show all VSTi in 'VST Folder' .

[SOLVED] 2017-05-21:
Found that a copy of the 'Formant-Classic-Advanced.dll' had mistakenly been copied to a completely unrelated folder in the 'VST-64' folder. Since the last found instance of a dll is the one that shows up in the FX browser it was not showing up in the correct place when viewing 'VST folders' in the FX browser.

Thank you for paying attention to this. I owe You a beer in case we ever cross paths in real life.

Somewhat of a n00b issue but I need your help.

Laptop crashed some time ago and I had to recover it from its smoldering remains. Fresh OS install and all.

Since this was a chance to start clean I organized VST and VSTi in a different way this time basically putting the VST folders directly under 'C:'
It seemed OK at first but not all of them show up in the 'VST folder' in FX browser. It seems that they do show up when selecting 'VSTi' in FX Browser.

The VST plug-in path under Prefs is now:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\VstPlugins;C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins;C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3;C:\VST-32;C:\VSTfx-32;C:\VST-64;C:\VSTfx-64

The 'standard' search paths do not contain any plug-in. All are located in the VST folders directly under 'C:'. I also do not5 have any VST3 plug-ins.

In each of the VST folders there are folders for each developer and in those one folder for each Synth or FX.
First off. Is this a bad idea? The logic makes perfect sense and since I only have free (except two) plug-in that doesn't use a fancy folder structure with folders scattered all over the place, it made even more sense when doing it.

Hope there is a simple solution caused by a n00b mistake.

Thank you.

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