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Default M-Audio Fast Track USB interface

I am evaluating Reaper presently and like it very much - quite intuitive but very comprehensive in sound editing features. It is running under WINE on Linux Mint18

I cannot pick up my M-Audio Fast Track USB interface. I think its to do with ASIO drivers - or lack of them. If I choose ASIO drivers under Devices it reports - no ASIO drivers found.

I have installed WINEasio, and qJackCtl. Also ASIO drivers from http://asio4all.com/ hoping that might run under WINE and be available to Reaper. But no success.

The interface is detected by my system and can be used with Audacity, so I know it's there somewhere.

Any guidance would be appreciated.....
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I hope this is not too late for you, but I have the same interface as you and also run it on Linux in WINE currently.

I recommend using Ubuntu Studio, as most of it's build is already tailored to audio recording (preinstalled low-latency kernel and such).

What you need is:
- Wine
- WineASIO
- JACK/qJackCtl

You don't need ASIO4All, actually. I always install it the following way:

1. Install Wine 64-bit, (qJackCtl as well, if you need)
2. Install Wineasio-amd64
3. Execute the commands "regsvr32 wineasio" and "wine64 regsvr32 wineasio" to register WineASIO
4. Configure JACK and start the Jack Server with qJackCtl.
5. Launch Reaper and select ASIO/WineASIO as the Device to use.

This should generally be your approach.

I also recomment having a look at the KXStudio guides, they can be very helpful. You may also want to use Cadence for convenience.


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Thanks so much for your reply. I had just about given up on being able to use Reaper, but am now trying to get it going again.

It all seemed to go ok, but I get the following error in Terminal;

steve@steve-Sony ~ $ regsvr32 wineasio wine64 regsvr32 wineasio
Failed to load DLL wineasio
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