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Default Latency?

Hello all,
I have a question concerning midi input into reaper and ez drummer2. I am using the "tap to find" function on EZ Drummer. If I do it in the stand alone app, I can use my mouse and there is very little latency, I can basically input in time with the metronome. If I try to use EZ drummer opened in Reaper, there is noticeable latency between my mouse click and the corresponding "hit" of the drums. I am using a Focusrite Forte with the ASIO4all driver. I have searched the forum and tried changing the settings for the audio device. Why would it work in stand alone and not in Reaper?...

I can input midi keys with an external keyboard, through EZ Keys with no latency. This seems to be an EZ drummer problem?
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Originally Posted by kmfrazz View Post
I am using a Focusrite Forte with the ASIO4all driver
This seems to be rather good interface, is something wrong with vendor drivers? ASIO4ALL most likely makes your latency worse.
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Hi and welcome to the forums!

Since you havent really given us a lot to go on, how about some extra info?
Mac or Win? 32 bit or 64bit? What cpu?

I hesitate to suggest this because I dont now what your prior DAW experience is, but it could really pay off to download the free user guide, read the initial setup section and also watch some of the excellent video tutorials, also free, mentioned at the top of this page.

I too do not understand why you arent using the provided ASIO drivers rather than ASIO4ALL which is frankly a kludge and never going to give you as good performance as your interface is capable of giving with purpose built drivers or indeed in Windows using the WASAPI option in Reapers Audio options.

That said, I just read your edit and it does sound like there is some weirdness going on. Are you using EZD 1 or 2? If I recall, EZD1 used to open its standalone in 32bit version regardless of what you had installed and set up in Reaper. So it could be as simple as having issues with whatever version Reaper is loading as opposed to the standalone version.
You can check this by doing a little RTFM on EZD - it will Tell you the exact paths you are using for the plugin in both the standalone and the VST version.
And of course I assume you are installing via Toontrack Product Manager? If not do so.
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Thank you for the reply guys...
I did some research on the forum and found a user that had the same problem. I had the snare routed to a reverb in reaper. When I removed the send, it works normal! I am using the Focusrite driver...

Thanks again for the replies

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Not sure if it will help with EZD, but I commonly use Reason for drum machine/synth with a midi keyboard for a controller and I have to activate "record enable" on the track that it is routed to and this eliminates (well, nearly eliminates) some serious latency that I get without "record enable" activated. Might be worth a shot.

If this works, you can right click the record enable button and set it to "monitor only" so that way you can record other tracks without recording on your EZD track.
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