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Default Great Big Things - Little Lights (Music Video)

Hello fellow reaper users! Take a look at my brand new music video!


'Little Lights' tells the story of a light in darkness. It's a small window into a place, time and -most importantly- a feeling, and I hope you find it an interesting journey. Subscribe to my channel for more videos like this!

This was a solo project. For the video I used CryENGINE, a real-time 3d computer game engine (used on the crysis series, ryse, prey, kingdom come deliverance) for everything, environment, lighting, cinematography. The cave walls are photogrammetry 3d assets from Quixel megascans. For the music I use Reaper Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), with all vocals from myself.

We are all lucky to be alive at a time where the technology exists to allow us a great freedom of expression. Software like Reaper and CryENGINE and asset libraries like Quixel Megascans are incredible tools that can be used to create journeys and visions we've never seen before.

There are Great Big Things still to come!

Joe Garth

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Wow! This was great. I love your voice. Clear, sensitive, vulnerable.
Only critique is that the vocals didn't get through enough in some parts.
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I really enjoyed the visuals/audio of this project. Nicely done!

I have to agree with msundh, the vocals get lost at times. That, and the strings/pads get a bit overbearing/resonant in some places, drowning the other elements like the mentioned vocals.

Looking forward to your next audio-visual project
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