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Default New to REAPER, have a couple questions/issues

Working on music for a video game, and I've taken to REAPER for arranging with VSTs. I'm mostly doing this by adding in MIDI segments from elsewhere, and then trying to clean it up note for note. I'll admit some of these questions are a bit centered on the VSTs I'm using rather than REAPER itself, but I figure I'll ask anyways.

1. Probably the big one; is there a way to alter the FX being used at certain points? When I import MIDI, the instrumental changes I included stay, but when I try to just build from scratch, I seem locked into whatever settings I have the VST set to originally, with no way to have different notes have a different sound. An example: one of the riffs I'm trying to make here alternates between muted and non-muted chords, but I'm not sure how to make that happen in REAPER.

2. I'm finding that whenever I close the project and open it later, the VSTs are all changed back to their default settings. Is there a way to keep that from happening? This is most notably happening with the "Revitar" VST.

3. Trying to use the VST "Lethality R V112" for one of the guitar tracks, but I keep running into the same problem. Whenever I try to add a note below E4, it just simply doesn't sound at all. Anyone have a workaround for that at all?

That's all that comes to mind for now, although I'm sure I'll have more. Thanks for any help that you can provide.
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Hi and welcome to the forums!
If you didnt already, download the free User guide (see above) and take a moment to view some of the excellent free video tutorials, also above.

In no particular order:

If you go to the VST4free site where you probably downloaded this VST, you will see that lethality is VERY old for starters. In the comments several are complaining that it cant cover enough octaves AND that it & Reaper dont play
My suggestion would be to find something that will do the job that has current support from the developer.
Not much chance of anything on that sit still being supported PLUD a lot of that stuff is from the arly days, made with synthedit... notoriously unstable, especially on modern 64bit systems.

As far as hanging settings within a VST once it is on the track, yes - all possible and pretty easy but you need to educate yourself as to how it is done.
Most MIDI synths have control codes - CC - allocated to different parameters and you can insert these CC codes with the value you want in your track using the event list editor.

Revitar is also one of those long abandoned orphans, o maybe you could try the newer and still available spicy guitar? It may remember your settings or allow you to save them
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Alright, thanks for the response, and especially the heads-up on Lethality and Revitar. I did manage to get the latter working, but have since found a better VST.

For palm muting parts of the guitar track, do I want a VST with muted playing to somehow add in with CC's? Would that be in the same thing where I can alter velocity, pitch, etc? Or is there a different way that I'm supposed to be doing it? I've been searching for answers on this, but haven't really found anything offhand.
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Which guitar VST are you now using - it's helpful to mention as other users can then offer informed advice.

For palm muting the best way is with a VSTi that supports it, one way or another. I do not think that altering volume, pitch etc would do it.

Here's one configured to trigger different samples based on the MIDI note velocity (other ways are possible):
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I'm mostly using DSK Elektrik Guitar right now, although that doesn't seem to have those kinds of settings. Any decent free VSTs that would work better?

For the moment, I've managed to sort of emulate the general effect by turning the sustain to zero and having the muted notes only sound for a 64th note. Of course, this isn't a great solution, but it works for the song I'm working on.
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