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Default Can't zoom out in view with wheel mouse on very large projects

I have a project that is 43 hours long and about 32 hours is audio. Pretty simple project... what is weird, is I cannot zoom out with wheel mouse all the way, it only goes to about 75%. At some point the wheel just stops zooming out. Seems like there is some cap on the amount one can zoom out based on the project size?

The best I can tell, is that the zoom level for the horizontal scroll bar is not even calculated properly.

e.g., take the track list size and expand it out so that it covers most of the screen. Seeing the arrange view is very narrow. The horizontal scroll thumb button is very small.

I'd take a liecap but too large to update to forums. Simply playing around with it a bit in reaper should make the problem obvious under the right circumstances.

The thumb tab size should be proportional to the zoom level. If we see all the of the project in the arrange view then the thumb size should be 100% of the scroll bar, if we are zoomed in very deep then it should be very small, down to some minimal size.

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