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Default Inconsistent vertical scroll behaviour and partly broken scrollbar

Ok. We have several possibilities within Reaper to influence the track height and part of the bug seems to be the SWS extension but it also happens with native actions so I post here in hope for some feedback.

Steps to reproduce normal behaviour:
  1. New project, insert a lot of new tracks.
  2. Go with mouse over TCP and hold CTRL while scrolling with the mousewheel so all tracks aren't visible any more (=increasing track height)
  3. Now vertical scroll through arrangement
-> Starting by track one scrolling down the list every top track in view is aligned with the top border of the window meaning one "tick" on the mousewheel translates to moving up/down one track (height) in arrangement exactly.

To provoke the erratic behaviour use the action "View: Adjust selected track heights (MIDI CC relative/mousewheel)" one or all tracks.

-> The vertical scrolling is not aligned anymore and it needs a lot more ticks with the mousewheel to "travel the same space".

Extra goodie:
When using the action "Xenakios/SWS: Toggle selected tracks height A/B" the same happens but also the scrollbar doesn't get updated and interacts now unreliable.

Dear devs, in case you are fixing this - please consider this FR:

It would just make sense.

With best regards.
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