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Default Comping of unrelated Takes

see -> http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=192251

It would be nice if a kind of "Comping" would be possible for setting switch-points between multiple multi-channel "Takes" that are not aligned timing-wise.

This maybe could re-use the standard Take-Comping Windows but also could add an additional unrelated functionality, as rather obviously it would comprise close to all tracks of a projects and not be separately done with several of them. It would be more like a project-editing feature.

It might provide a similar look and feel as the normal Comping, but the takes can be different length in time, and it should be possible to stretch/warp the visual representation of each of them (but not the audio) so that the would-be switching points can be placed on top of each other.

The result should be a multi-channel item, than can be used as a (standard) multi-track project to be edited in the normal way. But the result should not necessarily be "glued", but the switch-points should be able to be modified at any stage of the project-editing process.

Maybe this is yet another application for "realtime subprojects", that had been discussed here already several times.

Thanks for listening...

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