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Default Input-Gain Control on every plugin window

For setting up a perfect gain structure, I'd propose a tiny gain trim that sits in every plugin window - right beside the Bypass and Mix controls. It would be pre-plugin, controlling how much signal goes into that plugin.

This would eliminate having to use trim fx between plugins that don't have their own input/output controls (and there are many!), immediately correct clipping, and essentially allow driving the optimum gain to each plugin in the chain in an easy non-plugin-dependent way.

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A plugin that does involuntary clipping does not work correctly.

A plugin that works according th the gain of the input signal (e.g. distortion, compression, ...) and does not feature an input volume control, IMHO is not designed correctly.

As the audio engine is done with floating point, all other plugins would not benefit in any way from modifying the input gain.

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