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Default Trimming with a time selection

Hello, I am still new to Reaper. I've switched from an old version of Pro Tools. The thing that is driving me crazy with Reaper is... I typically create a time selection bring the playback cursor back a few measures and start recording. Once I get a good take I trim it back. I haven't quite figure out why sometimes when I trim (bringing to mouse to the edge of the media item) it trims back at the start and end of the time selection. I'm sure there is a preference setting somewhere but I can't find it. I hope that made since.

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I can't quite make sense of that, but you can change the behavior of mouse editing in the mouse modifier section of preferences and decide whether those edits ignore the time selection or not. You can also use a pre-roll (right click the metronome) so that Reaper always starts X-measures before the cursor position, if you get tired of doing that manually. For reference, Reaper always begins the recording at the cursor, but you can have it auto trim that to the time selection if you want by using that record mode (right click the record button).
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You might consider R Click on the metronome. There are a variety of pre-roll options in there so you don't have to do pre-rolls manually.
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