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Default Automatically expand selected track?

OK, I've been so sure for some years now that there was this preference when you could just select a track and it automatically expanded to full track control. Same height it gets when you record-arm. Now, I've gone blind trying to find it in the Preferences Window, Action List, SWS Menus, etc...

I've got reliable shortcuts to select next/previous track, first/last track (actually, track 99), jump 10 tracks forwards/backwards. This morning I created some custom actions to go around this:

1) "Track:Go to next (or previous, first, next x10, 99, etc) track" + "Expand selected track height/minimize others". Tracks get way taller than I wanted so I gave up on this.

2) "Track:Set/clear all tracks automatic record-arm" and then select tracks. It works well, but the record-arm thing makes me uneasy, it just doesn't feel right when I'm simply editing or mixing.

Now I'm starting to think that I might be mixing things up and there never was that option and I may remember it from another DAW (Logic 5.5 for PC? go figure).

Any Reaper ace could please have some good news for me?
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If you have ReaPack installed, you have this action in action list:

Script: mpl_Enlarge selected track, define height.lua

- You first make a track the height you want.
- Then you run this action.
- you will see now that any track you select, will get that same height, while other tracks return to their "original" height, before running the script.

Hope this helps !
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I think there never was a preference for it, but mpl has written a script to do this:

mpl_Enlarge selected track

Available via ReaPack:

Here's the corresponding thread:

Too slow.
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Thanks a lot, will try ReaPack!
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