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Default Copy song section to new project

Hi. I would like to copy a portion of one project into another, including all the tracks and markers.

I have found a way to copy the tracks from one project to another, but I have not been able to copy the markers.

Is there a way to do what I want? Thanks!
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You can save the markers from the View menu, Region/Marker Manager. Right click over the marker field and Export regions/markers...Then in the new project Import regions/markers. Markers will get imported into the same location in the timeline where they were when exported.

If you need to move them to another location in the new project, you could do that by creating a region which covers the markers and moving that. Then again, that will also move the items within said region. So this works best if you can do all of this at the same time; copying parts of the project to the new one, exporting/importing markers and then moving things around in the new one.
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Easiest way is just to save as a new project and then remove whatever is no longer relevant.
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Okay thanks for the hint on markers. Yeah, "Save As" and then delete the unnecessary parts is what I've been doing. Was just hoping there might be a more elegant solution.
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more elegant for markers: use Heda's item marker script.


markers are created, named, moved, and edited via items on a dedicated Marker track.

these tracks can be copied directly from one project to another.
i wish there was a similar way to manage tempo markers. (hey heda $$...)
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automation items that behave as such.

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